Women's cat eye sunglasses are hot this season! Olympic Eyewear offers a vast inventory of brands, styles and features that are sure to please retailers and their customers. This easy-to-search tool makes it simple to select a variety of cat eye glasses so retailers can stay well stocked this season.

Popular brands that carry cat eye sunglasses include Black Society, CG, Eyedentification, Giselle, Kleo, Romance and VG. Generally, these glasses are made of metal and plastic. Special features include animal print, celebrity styles, mirrored lenses, novelty styles, rhinestone accessories and vintage styles.

Olympic Eyewear offers subtle cat eye sunglasses to supermodel styles, which fly right out of the "Jetsons" cartoon. For women who are looking for unique sunglasses, these cat eye styles also offer subtle, classy rhinestone embellishments that are ideal for semi-formal gowns. They also kick it up on a notch with gold tiger adornments that wrap around one eye and are reminiscent of a pop music video.

With a little something for everybody, Olympic Eyewear offers these sunglasses in sets of one dozen with assorted colors. Retailers will never again have to run low on the latest fashionable cat eye sunglasses and can instead choose to mix and match fun styles with more conservative styles.
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