Easy to search and easy to buy, Olympic Eyewear features the latest best selling women's sunglasses. Retailers can easily browse and choose from a variety of new collections with a simple click of a button. This allows retailers to narrow down results by brand, materials, lens types and even features, such as mirrored, novelty, oversize, vintage and rhinestone accessories. An additional tool allows sellers to search by style, including aviator, butterfly, oval, rectangle, round, square and wayfarer, which aids in filling any inventory gaps.

These sunglasses greatly range in style from the more masculine lines to the feminine curves. Sunglasses are a matter of personal taste, which is why it is important for sunglass retailers to have a wide selection on hand to appeal to a vast customer base. Customers are the bread and butter of retail, coming back for excellent shopping experiences.

Today's sunglasses embrace a wide explosion of colors, ranging from the classic Audrey Hepburn black to mustard yellow, aqua blue, purple, hot pink, multi-color confetti and leopard prints. A wide selection of retail sunglasses helps attract a wider customer base, which increases the chances for developing sales.
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