Olympic Eyewear offers a special novelty and costume wholesale sunglasses section. This features the latest bold and over-the-top sunglass styles that customers are craving, including flag, heart, pixels, pearl adorned, bows, stars and even kisses.

Popular brands that offer novelty sunglasses include Giselle, Retro Rewind, VG and others. Styles also vary, which definitely mixes up this fun and funky trend! Styles include aviator, cat eye, oval, rectangle, round, semi-rimless, square and wayfarer.

Olympic Eyewear offers novelty sunglasses for men, women and children so families can all participate in the fun-loving, flag-flying action. If flag-flying isn't quite up someone's ally, there are also animal prints, clear and mirrored lenses, rhinestone accessories and other features offered. These types of sunglasses are awesome for New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween or simply for picnics and old-fashioned outdoor parties.

These sunglasses are made of durable metal and plastic and are affordable, which makes them ideal for retailers in a wide range of locations, including tourist locations, amusement parks, state fairs, company parties, car racing events, town BBQs, fundraisers and much more. This entire section is simply fun and encourages retailers to use their imagination!
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