Olympic Eyewear offers the latest hipster bulk sunglasses. Available in a wide variety of brands and styles, retailers can stock up on these colorful sunglasses, which are sure to attract a wide customer base.

Hipster sunglasses brands include BeOne, Biohazard, Black Society, CG, Dxtreme, Eyedentification, Giselle, Khan, Kleo, Locs, Retro Rewind, VG, X-Loop and more. Hipster sunglass styles also vary and include oval, rectangle, round, semi-rimless, square and wayfarer.

Hipster sunglasses are generally characterized by vintage-inspired frame designs and styles that feature a modern twist. This might include edgy colors and rims, bold patterns or contemporary details. Hipster sunglasses are made of plastic, metal and wood. Wood harnesses nature's medium, highlighting uniqueness, texture and pattern.

This year's bold colors highlight aqua, hot pink, purple, confetti and neon yellow. On the more monochromatic front, black, clear and white are still on-trend and will likely be for quite some time. The latter go with a wide variety of outfits, making them the ideal accessories, while the former are bright and fun.

Mixing and matching different fronts and earpieces is the latest trend. Pairing black fronts with hot pink earpieces is all the rage this season and is hip among teens, 20-somethings and even 30-somethings. Classic black wayfarers are also seeing a hip adjustment, with the addition of color-mirror lenses that add a bright pop of color to these classic designs.
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