Everyone wants to dance to hip-hop music, so why not join the party and browse these music grooving hip-hop sunglasses! Olympic Eyewear offers a variety of stylish unisex sunglasses that are perfect year-round.

Hip-hop sunglasses feature a variety of styles, including oval, rectangle, square and wayfarer. Typically, the lenses are dark gray or mirrored. Bold and featuring strong lines, hip-hop sunglasses feature wider-than-average earpieces, offer more eye coverage and feature the traditional Locs "gangster" look.

Locs shades are iconic to the gangster and hip-hop scene. They are known for having a flat top and a square shape. Locs once defined the Los Angeles hip-hop scene in the 1970s, and since about 2010 they have been making a comeback. Traditionally, Locs were only popular on the West Coast, but now their popularity has surged and they are popular nationwide. Hip-hop and rap artists, such as Ice-T, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg have been seen sporting Locs sunglasses, which has made them a "must have" commodity for hip-hop fashion.

Olympic Eyewear offers a wide selection of Locs and hip-hop sunglasses at wholesale prices. Retailers can purchase these popular shades in assorted colors by the dozen and resell them in brick and mortar establishments, specialty stores, clothing boutiques, music stores or other types of retail shops.
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