Channeling the inner fashionista, Olympic Eyewear features a variety of name brand bulk sunglasses that are fit for Hollywood glamour. These styles include, but are not limited to, butterfly, cat-eye, wayfarer and even oversized styles. Let customers get in touch with their inner divas and let the sparks fly!

Olympic Eyewear offers several different types of fashionista sunglass brands, including BeOne, Black Society, CG, DG, Dxtreme, Eyedentification, Giselle, Kleo, Retro Rewind, Romance, VG and more. Styles vary, but feature butterfly, cat eye, oval, rectangle, round, semi-rimless, square and wayfarer.

What defines fashionista style are the incredible features. Popular sunglass designs include animal prints, celebrity styles, clear and mirrored lenses, novelty designs, oversized frames, rhinestone accessories and vintage styles.

Most important to fashionistas is the color. Today's styles range the entire color spectrum, including every shade of blue, pink, purple and red, as well as traditional monochromatic hues, such as black, gray and white. Traditional brown tortoise prints are always fashionable, but this season is seeing exotic gray and black leopard prints that are sure to make fashionistas purr with interest.

Most importantly, Olympic Eyewear offers these stunning name brand sunglasses at affordable prices per dozen and in assorted colors. This makes them perfect for high-class boutiques, department stores, exclusive clothing stores and any other retail establishments.
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