Manhattan Sunglasses collection presents fashion sunglasses for energetic people living active, urban lifestyles. These simple, yet sophisticated sunglasses reflect modern-day contouring, style and color, which make them the ideal choice for fashion-forward urbanites. From Seattle to New York, these popular sunglasses are worn by celebrities and everyday city dwellers, which sport a variety of popular colors. Offering the perfect amount of coverage, these popular sunglasses are chic, elegant and do not overwhelm facial features. They also feature comfortable, molded earpieces, which are sophisticated, attractive and timeless.
  • MH32MIX

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) MH32MIX
    $35.00 per dozen
  • MH29MIX

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) MH29MIX
    $32.00 per dozen
  • MH30MIX

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) MH30MIX
    $34.00 per dozen
  • MH25MIX

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) MH25MIX
    $32.00 per dozen
  • MH31MIX

    Dozen of sunglasses (assorted colors) MH31MIX
    $32.00 per dozen
  • MH87007

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) MH87007
    $26.00 per dozen
  • MH87008

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) MH87008
    $34.00 per dozen
  • MH87010

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) MH87010
    $27.00 per dozen
  • MH88034

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) MH88034
    $34.00 per dozen
  • MH87009

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) MH87009
    $30.00 per dozen
  • MH87011

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) MH87011
    $35.00 per dozen
  • MH88032

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) MH88032
    $34.00 per dozen
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