Olympic Eyewear offers the latest wholesale deals on snow goggles. Whether it's ski or snowboard season or retailers are simply gearing up for winter mountain hiking, this section provides superior discounts for retailers.

Ski and snowboard goggles are essential for all levels of winter sports, from beginner to experienced. Goggles help protect eyes from the wind and cold, especially when traveling at higher speeds down a mountain. Additionally, goggles help protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Goggles also define the winter mountain fashion attire snow scene. Snow sports fanatics take goggles as an essential accessory. All types of goggles vary, some offer anti-scratch, clarity and anti-fogging, and others accommodate helmets or work with glasses.

Yellow, amber and gold lenses are excellent in low light and fog, as they help filter out blue light. Rose copper and light rose are also superb in low-light conditions. Dark tints, such as gray, brown and green are best for bright conditions. Mirrored coating is excellent for reflecting bright light. For nighttime skiing, clear and yellow lenses are best. For automatic color changing lenses, select photochromatic lenses. Always select goggles that offer UV protection, as it helps protect your eyes from sunburns and permanent eye damage. Goggles are also designed to allow snow sports enthusiasts to see 180 degrees and from side-to-side, so it is important to make sure customers purchase the right fitting goggles.
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