These men's half-frame wholesale sunglasses are classy and make a statement. They are available in a variety of brands, styles, materials and features, which makes it easy for retailers to choose a selection for their retail outlets.

Olympic Eyewear offers popular brands for half-frame sunglass styles, including Arctic Blue, Biohazard, Choppers, Dxtreme, Eyedentification, Khan, Oxigen, Pablo Z, Road Warrior, Tundra and X-Loop sunglasses.

Styles vary greatly and include oval, rectangle, semi-rimless, square and wrap-around styles. Half-frame sunglasses are made of metal, plastic or TR-90, and some feature polarized lenses. Other sunglass models are designed for driving or feature mirrored lenses, which provides men with more privacy when speaking to people.

There are many different half-frame designs, including colors and fits. Some feature adjustable nosepieces and earpieces, which make them easy to customize for form-fitting comfort. Other styles feature multi-hue lenses, which makes them optimal for certain types of weather conditions. Minimalist designs look striking against suits or James Bond-style attire. Sporty, neon-tone designs are sleek for running, competing in triathlons, fishing, walking pets, hunting, rock climbing, waterskiing and other fun outdoor adventures.

As an added bonus, Olympic Eyewear sells these sunglasses in dozens of assorted colors. This makes it easy for retailers to order small or large quantities of sunglasses anytime of year. Additionally, retailers can make sure they have the latest styles and colors in stock in time for seasonal launches.
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