Men's clear-lens glasses are ideal for riding motorcycles, reading or creating just the right air of sophistication. These glasses come in a variety of brands and styles, which makes it easy for retailers to choose an assortment for their stores.

Popular styles of clear glasses include aviator, rectangle, round, shield, square and wayfarer. Many popular clear-lens glasses are made of metal, plastic or wood. Although some features remain solely for the purpose of aesthetics, others are more for novelty and can include heart-shaped lenses, for example.

Olympic Eyewear sells these in sets of one dozen, which makes them easy for retailers to re-sell for a profit. Additionally, retailers can pick up large quantities to keep on hand during the year, and Olympic Eyewear offers the most modern clear-lens glasses on the market.

Additionally, some clear-lens glasses are easy to tailor because they offer adjustable nosepieces and earpieces, which makes them extra versatile for everyday eyeglass wearers. These models are in high demand and generally draw in more customers. Inexpensive models that feature molded nosepieces are also popular this season, especially bold color choices that are easy to wear with today's attire and accessories.

Even today's modern goggles can be fitted, yet colorful, while still looking fashionable and attractive on men.
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