Aviator men's sunglasses offer the ultimate classic and chic look. Iconic and symbolic, these are available in numerous brands, styles, materials, lens types and come with a variety of features.

Popular aviator sunglasses brands include Air Force, Arctic Blue, BeOne, Biohazard, CG, Dxtreme, Eyedentification, Giselle, Khan, Manhattan, Oxigen, Polarspex, Retro Rewind, Sturgeon, USA, X-Loop and many more. There are also several different styles of aviators, more than just the famous Tom Cruise shades from "Top Gun." Other styles include oval, rectangle, rimless, semi-rimless, shield and square.

Aviator sunglasses also feature different types of lenses, including polarized, glass and bifocal styles. Newly updated features include clear lenses, driving lenses, mirrored styles, novelty and vintage styles.

Originally, aviator sunglasses were designed to help aid pilots in severe weather conditions. The teardrop shape helped give them the best "goggle" type fit, and during World War II, they became standard issue gear for military men. Sunglasses helped offer extra protection from sun glare, which caused altitude sickness and headaches.

Before long, everyone was sporting aviators. From Gloria Steinem and Paul McCartney to Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley, these legendary sunglasses have graced the faces of generals, movie stars and rock stars. Aviator sunglasses have played a significant role in the history of the 20th century and in the development of sunglasses, aviation and humankind's flight advancement.
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