Kids and sports are a perfect fit! To prepare children for the great outdoors, retailers can purchase the latest wholesale sunglasses that are designed to accommodate a variety of outdoor sporting conditions.

The most popular brands of kids' sports sunglasses include Choppers, Dxtreme, Khan, Locs and X-Loop sunglasses. Styles among these types of brands vary, but include oval, rectangle, semi-rimless and wraparound. Kids' sunglasses are made of plastic, which makes it easy and safe to combat any breakage that can occur while kids are "being kids."

Today's sunglasses are an absolute necessity for children, especially for those playing sporting events outdoors. To help protect eyes from damaging ultraviolet rays, these sunglasses offer UV400 protection, which can help prevent long-term damage, such as cataracts, skin cancer, eye cancer and other forms of sun-causing diseases.

Children will love the different, and vibrant, colors of frames and lenses, as it lets them personalize and tailor their looks to their clothing and personalities. Additionally, with so many different brands, styles and models to choose from, today's children can select comfortable sunglasses. Modern styles feature molded earpieces and nosepieces, which do not cause pinching or discomfort in children.

Olympic Eyewear offers these fashion-forward children's sunglasses by the dozen in assorted colors, which makes it easy for retailers to purchase children's wholesale sunglasses at affordable prices.
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