These fashionable kids' sunglasses are perfect for protecting children's eyes and are an absolute must-have for retailers. Children's sunglasses are rapidly gaining popularity and come in a variety of brands, styles and colors.

Popular styles this season include aviator, butterfly, cat eye, round, shield and wayfarer. Petite, at about 5 inches in length temple to temple, these sunglasses come in a wide variety of colors, which makes them appeal to children's sense of fashion. Retailers should have a healthy stock of children's sunglasses, as it is important for children to protect their eyes while they are growing up.

Doctors recommend parents purchase real sunglasses, not toys. Always look for UV protection, which Olympic Eyewear offers. Additionally, select shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that do not put children at risk. Gray lenses are preferable because they absorb all colors equally, allowing children to see the world in a natural way. These are great for children who are active outdoors and participate in sporting activities. To help, make sure that sunrays are blocked, opt for a wraparound feature. These shades are great for young children and for kids who play sports.

As children get older, they will opt for more personalized sunglasses and consider them a fashion accessory. Olympic Eyewear offers a plethora of different colors, which makes it easy for pre-teens to make their own accessorized statements.
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