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  • LOC9052-MB

    Matte Plastic Frame Dark Lens Men's Locs Gangsta Glasses Bulk LOC9052-MB
    $30.00 per dozen
  • LOC91028-BKBL

    Men's Locs Black Frame with Blue Stripes Sunglasses Wholesale LOC91028-BKBL
    $32.00 per dozen
  • XHD3321

    X-Loop HD Lens Semi-Rimless Wrap Sunglasses Wholesale for Men XHD3321
    $30.00 per dozen
  • AF101-MGRV

    Gold Frame Color Mirror Lens Unisex Aviators Sunglasses Wholesale AF101-MGRV
    $19.00 per dozen
  • LOC9090-BKWHT

    Black Frame White Logo Men's Locs Gangsta Glasses Wholesale LOC9090-BKWHT
    $30.00 per dozen
  • LOC9090-BKRED

    Black Frame Red Logo Men's Locs Gangsta Glasses Wholesale LOC9090-BKRED
    $30.00 per dozen
  • LH1381

    Butterfly Style Kleo Wholesale Metal Plastic Sunglasses for Women LH1381
    $34.00 per dozen
  • MH87012

    Men's Manhattan Brand Plastic Sports Sunglasses Wholesale MH87012
    $29.00 per dozen

    About Us

    We are! Since 2006, our primary goal is to offer an innovative approach to selling wholesale sunglasses. With the support of our clients has established itself as one of the top distributers of wholesale discount sunglasses in the U.S. Your business gets a wide variety of designer sunglasses at wholesale prices. We look forward to working together with you!

    Olympiceyewear wholesale designer sunglasses is an innovative and advanced eyewear product. We strongly believe that our product represents the equivalent of high end discount sunglasses. Wholesale sunglasses we offer are original designer sunglasses that feature improved qualities over sunglass replicas which leave factory with no signs of branding or authenticity.

    Most sunglass wholesalers' strategy consists of buying large quantities of sunglasses from a factory and redistributing. Such businesses are not involved (or have minimal involvement) with branding, design, manufacturing, quality control and other important aspects of production. Similar to a person shopping at the mall picking out the most favorable items, these sunglasses wholesalers shop at the mall of factories choosing items that are offered. product is created using a completely different approach. The creation of our sunglasses begins from choosing a brand name. Brand names serve to attract the attention of various target markets. Branding is tailored to specific customer needs and serves to inform consumers about the purpose and use of the specific sunglass product. In fact, our eyewear is among the very few discount sunglass brands recognized around the world.

    Brand names are implemented individually for each model of sunglasses by creating a unique logo. Alongside the brand recognition factor that is important to consumer, design work associated with the implementation of logo enhances the appearance of sunglasses.

    Sunglasses for new product lines are created based upon market research and knowledge of current trends. Individuality is achieved through applying various logos, multi color print patterns as well as other elements of design. Encompassing areas that can be improved, the design work focuses on ensuring all parts of sunglasses are elements of cohesive design.

    All stages of manufacturing are strictly supervised: purchasing the materials, subcontracting, quality control and all other factory operations. Complete transparency of operations serves our best interests ensuring that the factory produces high quality sunglasses, addressing all problems before product is shipped.

    Our philosophy goes beyond a cheap price point. We offer better discount designer sunglasses, a product that you will enjoy selling and have confidence in. Our wholesale sunglasses are unmatched if you are looking for quality and inexpensiveness directly converting into greater sales and profit.

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