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  • VG2909

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) VG2909
    $34.00 per dozen
  • LOC91044

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) LOC91044
    $27.00 per dozen
  • LDL-05CL

    clear lens glasses (assorted colors) LDL-05CL
    $25.00 per dozen
  • BAR605-MND

    fit-over sunglasses (single color) BAR605-MND
    $30.00 per dozen
  • KN3915CM

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) KN3915CM
    $45.00 per dozen
  • REW3017

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) REW3017
    $30.00 per dozen
  • REW3010

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) REW3010
    $30.00 per dozen
  • ROM90015

    wholesale sunglasses (assorted colors) ROM90015
    $30.00 per dozen

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    We are! Since 2006, our primary goal is to offer an innovative approach to selling wholesale sunglasses. With the support of our clients has established itself as one of the top distributers of wholesale discount sunglasses in the U.S. Your business gets a wide variety of designer sunglasses at wholesale prices. We look forward to working together with you!

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