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Motorcycle Goggles
The lenses of Motorcycle Sunglasses have superior impact resistance compared to ordinary sunglasses. Motorcycle Sunglasses protect eyes from small particles and debris flying from under motorized vehicles such as sand and insects. For proper protection of eyes and head, an approved motorcycle helmet must be used. Motorcycle Goggles are lined with perforated foam on the inside, which helps promote air circulation and prevents lenses from fogging. Our collection of Wholesale Motorcycle Sunglasses consists of stylish and popular models, such as Choppers and Virage.

Safety Goggles
Our Wholesale Safety Glasses are designed to provide protection against moderate impact hazards such as metal chips, particles and sparks. While performing hazardous jobs where there is a chance of a severe impact, the Safety Glasses can not provide sufficient protection for the eyes. Additional types of protection, such as machine guards, face shields and other gear will be required. Safety Glass lenses are manufactured from Polycarbonate which is superior to plastic because itís thinner, but more durable. This material is able to withstand a greater impact and resistance to penetration.

Ski Goggles
Our collection of Wholesale Ski Goggles is introduced with models of sun goggles and full size snow goggles. Our full size ski and snowboard goggles possess all the characteristics of a high end product, such as: Dual AntiFog Lens, Multi-Layer Strap with Embroidered Graphic Logo, Face Foam with Soft Fleece Layer, Original Revo Lenses. We strive to better our collection of Ski Goggles, regularly offering new and more interesting designs while improving quality and staying within a moderate price point for discount eyewear. Goggles are great to be used as skiing and snowboarding goggles, they can also be used for snowmobiling and other winter activities and sports.

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