X-Loop Sunglasses are Ideal for Sports Enthusiasts

Aug 12, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


X-Loop sunglasses are very popular for active sporting enthusiasts. Their comfortable, close-fit style makes them ideal for rigorous outdoor activities, enabling them to stay snuggly in place.

While sunglasses do make an important fashion statement, especially in professional sporting venues and activities, sports lovers also understand the unnecessary function and benefits of wearing X-loop sunglasses.

There are several factors to consider when selecting sunglasses. Fortunately, X-Loop sunglasses cater to athletes, understanding that each sport requires unique lens and frame combinations for maximum speed, accuracy and sight. The following highlights different types of sporting sunglasses based on activities.

  • Golf – Golfers generally require sunglasses that provide advanced eye protection, while simultaneously helping provide protection against water reflections. Cinnamon-tone lenses are ideal for golfers.
  • Tennis – These help provide detection features, as tennis sunglasses help mute color spectrums, allowing yellow tennis balls to stand out, making them easily visible.
  • Volleyball and Softball – Nylon frames that can withstand rigorous workouts are highly recommended. High contrast frames are perfect for outdoor days, while mirror-coated brown lenses are superb for sunny days.
  • Cycling – This sport requires advanced, high-contrast lenses that permit more light to pass through. Dark lenses can obscure bike paths, making obstacles difficult to maneuver, gauge and see.
  • Fishing – Water-resistant, polarized lenses that help block water reflections are highly recommended for avid and novice anglers.
  • Hunting – Hunters need high-contrast lenses that focus on allowing abundant light. Consider opting for large-style frames that offer secure attachments and feature durable construction.
  • Driving – For professional drivers, it is important to use polarized lenses that offer wide coverage, helping reduce and block harmful glare. Professional sunglasses offer designs that help block glare, while providing a clear view below to avoid road obstacles, etc.
  • Running – Runners require lightweight, durable frames that are comfortable and offer no-slip protection. High contrast helps avoid harmful obstacles that may cause tripping and helps the environment clearly stand out.

When purchasing sports-style sunglasses, it is important to choose models that offer sufficient UV protection, especially for outdoor sports and activities. Lens color does more than simply make a statement, as certain sports benefit from different colors. Polarized wholesale sunglasses are always recommended for any type of water-related sport, albeit it golfing or fishing.

Olympic Eyewear features a wide selection of men and women's sporting sunglasses, which are available as wholesale sunglasses by the dozen. This makes it easy for sporting goods retailers to purchase several types of models and colors.

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