Work Hazards and Safety Goggles

Aug 15, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear's sets of safety glasses are especially made to protect the wearer from eye impact that results from hazardous labor. Safety glasses, however, cannot provide the right kind of defense in activities of extreme hazards where machine guards and full-defense face shields are required.

Thousands of eye injuries occur in the workplace on a regular basis. Meanwhile, ophthalmologists say that the majority of those cases could be prevented with appropriate eye protection, or improved eye protection. According to statistics, many workers that end up with eye injuries are either wearing no kind of eye protection at all, or are wearing unsuitable eye gear for the type of work they are doing.

Constructed with polycarbonate lens, which are extremely impact-resistant, our safety glasses are perfect for specific kinds of jobs where a moderate amount of flying debris poses sizable danger. They are designed to resist the impact of dense particles flying at high speeds. They are especially made with extended lens or wrap-around lens to protect the sides of the eyes where debris can still enter. Although regular sunglasses can theoretically be used for mildly hazardous labor, a person's best bet for optimal safety is to go with something specifically made to protect against work hazards.

Concerned persons may be involved in woodworking that entails the sawing or cutting of wood; metalworking; construction work; or welding. Work in a chemistry lab also requires protective eye gear. Plumbers, mechanics, assemblage workers, sanders, and grinders may also benefit from eye protection.

Generally speaking, jobs involving very bright light, sparks, dust, shards, chemicals, and smoke can produce very serious hazards to the eyes. In many cases, such as in the danger of chemical splashes or chemical vapor that may float into the spaces around glasses, heavy-duty goggles or full-face gear may be needed.

Olympic Eyewear offers safety glasses at great wholesale prices. Along with our diverse bulk sunglasses, our safety glasses offer more options to your customers who may be looking for something specific.

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