Winter Vacation to the Tropics! Don’t Go without your Sunglasses!

Nov 20, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


As winter slowly makes its way around, many will be cheating the frosty weather with vacation trips to warm, tropical places. If you're one of those, on your list of essential items to pack, don't forget your sunshades. In fact, carry several of them.

Your trusty sunshades are going to come in handy in all kinds of situations on your vacation. First stop: the beach. The sun is shining down and all the tourists are donning their most fashionable swim and eyewear. You may want to choose a pair of shades that perfectly complements each of your swimwear sets (surely you will be carrying several!). Maybe a pair of oversized DG Sunglasses or a pair studded with rhinestones. Or maybe your pair of trendy bold white wayfarer sunglasses, will be just the right fit that day as you lounge around soaking up the sun.

Your white wayfarer sunglasses may match the outfit you plan to wear to the local marketplace to browse stalls for nifty hand-crafted items to carry back home. You want to dress to kill, but it may be a long fussy day in the heat being hassled by ambitious vendors, and you may decide, instead, to stay low-key. A "quiet" pair of shades that keeps the sun from your eyes without compromising style may strike the perfect mood – maybe one of various styles of aviators from Biohazard Sunglasses.

While away, you are sure to take part in some adventure: biking up the mountainside, sea kayaking, or even surfing. Any one of these activities will more than likely be taking place under the beaming sun. You will want a pair of secure sports sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from potential impact, debris blowing into your face, glare reflected off surfaces, and, of course, the UV light. Check out X-Loop Sunglasses' large variety of sports eyewear, to find some sports sunglasses that meet your fancy.

You will probably dread the journey back home, where you will have to put your tropical fantasies to rest and brave the dead and cold of winter. But, no worries, maybe now it's time to consider sunglasses for winter wear!

Olympic Eyewear carries a diverse collection of sunglasses featuring almost any style and trend currently on the market. The bulk sunglasses are sold in sets of up to a dozen each; each set comes in one color choice or an assortment of colors.

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