Wholesale Sunglasses are Great Promotional Giveaways

Feb 21, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Buying bulk sunglasses is a great way to boost company's advertising endeavors. Wholesale designer sunglasses are ideal for trade show giveaways, product launches, colleges and sororities, sports fans gear, nightclubs and parties, weddings and birthdays, private label promotions, concerts and festivals and even awareness and fundraising events.

Using cutting edge color, promotional sunglasses are available in infinite combinations, allowing them to have a maximum impact on customers with two-tone frames for cancer awareness, UV 400 polycarbonate lenses and even tinted polycarbonate lenses. With a variety of lens colors available, various tones include black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink fuchsia, gold and silver. These are also available in tri-color effects, blending together to form a unique ombre effect.

Among the top three reasons to use sunglasses for today's promotional techniques include:

  • Including Color – Color creates a hip, stylish pair of sunglasses that are ideal for logos. Head turning and bound to catch comments, colorful sunglasses are sure to generate a buzz among onlookers.
  • Timing – Right now is the time to place spring orders, as marketing teams are gearing up for spring and summer promotions. Placing orders early means that retailers will be set with their advertising campaigns and have plenty of time to spend on other advertising accessories, such as grab bags, food, get together details, venue planning, banners, hiring speakers, entertainment and much more.
  • Social Media – Social media helps to support more traditional marketing endeavors by helping to advertise their own products. Their job is to increase consumer enthusiasm, help advertising traditional products, announce upcoming marketing campaigns, integrate marketing materials and regularly keep people notified about marketing events.

Olympic Eyewear is among one of the top rated wholesale sunglasses companies to focus on selling sunglasses at rock bottom prices. This makes them extremely affordable for retailers and marketing experts, allowing them to purchase several different styles and sets at cheap wholesale sunglasses rates. Available by the dozen, these inexpensive sunglasses are easy to market, add personalized touches and come individually packaged, making them easy to hand out at conferences, networking events, fundraisers, charities and other types of events.

Featuring today's modern-day styles, these sunglasses are bound to turn heads and are unlikely to become a junk drawer accessory, which gives companies the edge over other competitors because more conference attendees are likely to wear these high-quality, inexpensive styles for longer and greater periods of time.

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