While Summer Winds Down, Keep Your Sunglasses Up

Aug 18, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


It's the middle of the year and the summer months are winding down. If you have not already hit the beach, a river, or lake, or taken a vacation down some idyllic coast – you still have time! As always, whenever you are going to spend any long periods outdoors, you must consider protection against the more harmful effects of our wonderful sun. The sun gives life we cannot survive without, gives us our daily doses of Vitamin D, and energize our bodies in ways you probably are not aware – but moderation is key. Too much sun can be harmful not only for your skin and body but for your eyes.

Ultraviolet rays exist on a very broad light spectrum. There are actually three types, and they affect us in different ways. They are UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Now UVC rays cannot penetrate the ozone layer to get to earth, so they are typically of no concern. However, it may be helpful to remember warnings from our scientists that our ozone layer is getting more and more depleted from the chemicals we are sending up into it. A holey ozone layer is not a good thing.

UVB rays are the typical culprits of sunburn. Called tanning rays, they are easily absorbed by the top layer of the skin, activating the melanocytes that are responsible for pigmentation in the skin – thus your beautiful tan, voila! Too much exposure to UVBs however, in the long run may cause cancer in the skin and many types of eye disease.

UVA rays are longer rays that tend to go much deeper into our external layers causing age spots and other forms of premature aging. They are considered the main culprits for skin cancer. UVA rays are particularly noteworthy, because unlike UVBs which are strongest during the summer months, UVAs are potent all year long!

Some of the biggest concerns for the eyes are cataracts, skin cancer around the eyes, pterygium (tissue growth on the eyes), and macular degeneration. This is all serious stuff, so it is important to protect yourself if you plan to be out in intense sun for many hours.

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