What To Know: Sunglass Frame Materials

Feb 13, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Whether it's fashion, comfort or lifestyle, these three components seamlessly blend to help consumers choose sunglasses styles that meets their daily activities.

Today's sunglasses and glasses materials come in an array of metals and styles, as noted below:

  • Stainless Steel or Titanium – These frames are extremely lightweight, durable and are hypoallergenic.
  • Memory – Memory metals are designed to be flexible, returning to their original shape and form when stretched out. This type of material is ideal for sporting activities where glasses and sunglasses take an extreme beating.
  • Aluminum – Super lightweight, aluminum is corrosion-resistant and provides a one-of-a-kind style for today's eyewear.
  • Zyl or Plastic – Extremely lightweight, these frames are perfect for bold patterns and color combinations.
  • Accessories – In addition to having durable materials, sunglasses also require features that help to enhance comfort. This can include gripper temple arms, non-slip nose bridges and even spring hinges that allow temples to stretch up to 180 degrees.

Some sunglasses and eyewear styles are traditional and classic, while others embrace the latest fashion trends. Today's styles incorporate laser cutouts, designer details and even bright laminated colors. Choosing a pair of sunglasses is simply a matter of personal choice.

Face shape should be considered when purchasing a pair of sunglasses. While trendy frames may be the latest must-have accessory, the style is not complimentary to all facial features and shapes. To purchase a pair of attractive sunglasses that compliment face shapes, consider the following tips:

  • Frame shape should contrast face shape to help maximize appeal. Curved faces look attractive with angular frames and visa versa, meaning that people with more angular faces should consider selecting curved frames.
  • Eyewear and sunglasses should balance facial proportions, not appearing too small or too large. The frame's size should be scaled with face size, with the top of the frame following the natural brow line. Eyes should always appear centered n the frames.

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