Wearing Sunglasses On the Water

Nov 17, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses do more than make a fashionable statement, they provide protection from UV rays, and eye-strain, and can also enhance activity performance. Water sports enthusiasts especially appreciate sunglasses for their ability to serve several unique functions at once while they're out on the water. Here are some common water sporting activities and the benefits of wearing sunglasses while doing them.

Fishing: The most important goal of a fisherman is, of course, to catch fish. A fisherman uses a variety of tools, methods and techniques to find good fishing spots and get a good bite. Many of these approaches require clear sight. The more a fisherman can see into the water, for example, the better he can determine the quality of underwater structures, the behavior of the fish below, the type of fish available, the movement of the fish, and more. Glare off the water on a sunny day out fishing can significantly obstruct water transparency, potentially foiling a fisherman's attempts to use the tactics he knows best.

Sea Cruising/Boating/Sailing/Yachting/Kayaking: Enjoying a fine day on the water can do wonders for your health and mood. There's nothing quite like coursing over the sea in a trusty vessel and there are several aspects that can make a trip particularly enjoyable like: sighting sea animals, such as seals or dolphins; the smell and feel of sea breeze; the calming sensation of buoyancy in water; or simple moments of meditation. Yet, something as simple as not having sunglasses on a sunny day out on the sea can quickly ruin many of these experiences. Sunglasses will cut the glare on the water, allow you to look out at the scenery surrounding you, and generally avoid having to squint or keep your gaze only in one area.

Jet Skiing/Waterskiing: Skidding over the water in a jet ski, or on water skis, is probably one of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping experiences you can have on water. The water is spitting out from under you, the wind is whipping at you, and you are using your strength, endurance, and skill to keep everything under control. But consider what can happen if water splashes into your eyes and you are trying to wipe it out, wind forces you to keep your eyes at a bare squint, or water glare makes it impossible for you to keep your eyes open for long. These issues with your eyes can tamper with the otherwise awesome fun you're having. Sunglasses do the double job of keeping water and wind out of your eyes, and cutting glare, ultimately helping you to maintain a sense of balance and control.

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