Wearing Sunglasses in the Spring Season is Important

Apr 17, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


If you are a sunglasses retailer you will soon start to notice a rise in the number of sunglasses sales as spring approaches full bloom and the weather gets increasingly warmer. More people will be getting sunglasses in the coming weeks and months because of the warmer weather; they will be spending more time outdoors and for longer periods, where it is sunnier. However probably not many of these customers will be thinking about the level of UV radiation they are exposed to during our spring season.

In North America, UV radiation, is in fact highest in late spring to early summer. While people tend to think of needing sunglasses for extra special conditions such as a day at the beach during the hottest days of summer, or boating on the water in glare conditions, UV radiation is possible wherever and whenever there is sunlight, whether it is bright or cloudy, which means that sunglasses are advisable year-round.

In any event, as the season warms up, make sure you have your stock of sunglasses to showcase the year's latest sunglasses trends. Keep your ware in a location in your store where customers see them quickly and easily. On your countertop near the cash register is a good place; a standing rack on the floor in view of the entrance is also good.

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