What to Wear with Popular Sunglasses Styles

Oct 06, 2015 Olympic Eyewear


Not every pair of bulk sunglasses is designed to match every outfit. This article features helpful advice from fashion experts about how to pull off the latest designer wholesale sunglasses styles.

  • Aviators – Universally flattering to almost any face shape, aviators offer a good fit. Women can easily pull off this style with a feminine look, such as wearing a floral top or dress, or adding an edge to an everyday outfit. This includes pairing aviators with feminine touches, such as flirty florals or prints. Consider shopping for a cloche hat, printed button-down and sexy denim jeans.
  • Cat-Eye Sunglasses – These Marilyn Monroe inspired sunglasses are rapidly making a comeback thanks in part to "Mad Men." With a distinct retro look, these wholesale sunglasses are best offset with modern, tailored clothing. Consider wearing a fitted suit to add a touch of sophistication to these classic sunglasses. Better yet, shop for a floral suit and classic pumps.
  • Oversized Sunglasses – Always popular, oversized sunglasses are among the most difficult sunglasses to wear because they easily overpower facial features. Select a pair of oversized sunglasses that are well proportioned to facial features. Consider balancing oversized shades with a boho wrap sweater. When shopping, look for an oversize black and white sweater, maxi skirt and platform wedges.
  • Tea Shade Sunglasses – Made famous by John Lennon, tea shades are not the most flattering glasses. They are small and can make eyes look extremely small. They are best for square faces and it is best to wear slightly larger tea shade sunglasses than small ones. Opt for urban-chic blazers and relaxed shorts. Consider camel shorts, a teal blazer, a plain white blouse and a printed pashmina.
  • Wayfarer Sunglasses – Wayfarers are the new classic sunglasses. These geeky-chic sunglasses stood out in "Risky Business," "The Breakfast Club," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and other classic 1980s films. To play up these hipster sunglasses, wear a hip, school chic ensemble, such as a fringed skirt, bomber jacket and cheeky tee.
  • "Extreme" Sunglasses – Worn by popular celebrities, such as Elton John, these sunglasses take confidence to wear. Pair these outlandish sunglasses with a leather skirt, hot pink sweater and chunky gems. Warning: These sunglasses are not for the faint of heart.

Olympic Eyewear believes that dressing accordingly lets new sunglasses shine and take center stage. There is nothing more important than acting the part when wearing a new pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses allow people to mix and match their outfits, which is why it is so fun to own more than one pair. Sunglasses are the ultimate accessories for both men and women. They can be dressed up or down for special occasions.

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