How to Wear Pantone's Radiant Orchid

Jul 09, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Radiant orchid is the must-have Pantone® color of the year. This shade is energetic and enlivening, promoting peaceful health and body awareness.

This guide offers advice for wearing this must-have seasonal trend without appearing drenched in this violet-tone hue.

  • Nails – Consider radiant orchid as the must-have color accessory. Pair this with fingernail and toenail colors, which add the perfect splash of vivid purple.
  • Eyes – Opt to line blue, hazel and green eyes with purple-tone mascara. To go a step further, use orchid liquid eyeliner, which pairs well with neutral color makeup palettes. Use this with a nude lip, highlighting a natural complexion and add just the faintest whisper of mascara. For those looking for a dramatic nighttime eye makeup, consider using a deep purple and pairing it with champagne, a light shimmery violet hue. This eye makeup up looks spectacular, highlighting intense green eyes.
  • Color Base – Use a versatile cream color base that transitions from morning and lunch to dinner. Consider opting for a soft, vivid hue that blends well into eyelids, lips or cheekbones. Just a small dab does the trick, so use this color sparingly.
  • Lipstick – The latest couture lipstick is violet. Opt for light, fresh makeup to pair with this lip tone and avoid eye makeup or select simple DG sunglasses.
  • Jewelry – Opt for a single bracelet that stacks with other hues. Pair with a coordinating necklace that blends with other purple-pink tones. Cluster necklaces and earrings are all the rage this season, popping up with designers such as Kate Spade.
  • Clutch – Use a simple clutch to make a bold statement. Whether it is stripes or a solid color, opt for textured leather, which lends a rugged appearance to this feminine color.
  • Scarf – Select a lightweight, summer scarf in silk or summer materials. Vintage styles blend with hair or simply use scarves to cover plunging necklines, as this warm color is attractive next to faces.
  • Shoes – Opt for all black or white and add an astonishing touch of color with orchid heels. Select a strappy, open-toe design to show off summer pedicures.
  • Clothes – Pair pops of orchid with blue jeans, leopard prints and khaki tones for a versatile look. Top off this look with a wide brim khaki color hat.
  • Formal – For weddings this summer, pair an orchid silk or satin dress with black heels and a classic evening bag.
  • Sunglasses – For fashionistas looking for the ultimate pop of purple color, opt for Olympic Eyewear's Wayfarer sunglasses. Available in vivid purple, these plastic wholesale sunglasses are the ultimate radiant orchid accessories for on-the-go style. Just remember to pair down other makeup to accommodate this bold look. Wholesale sunglasses cases are a great investment, helping keep wholesale designer sunglasses in peak condition. Opt for a fun case that matches clutches or purses.
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