Using Skin Tone to Select Sunglasses

Jul 15, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Most people simply try to match sunglasses to facial shape, attempting to purchase trendy frames that dominate that latest fashion magazines. Instead of only paying attention to fit and shape, consider matching sunglasses to personalized skin tones.

Skin Tone

People have either yellow- or blue-based skin tones. Blue tones are cool and yellow tones are warm. These skin colors help determine what tones look best on each person.

Cool complexions generally highlight pink or blue undertones, while warm complexions feature more of yellow-cast peaches and cream effects. Olive skin blends blue and yellow tones, which makes it a cool hue. In the U.S. alone, nearly 60-percent of the population, has a cool skin tone.

Eye Color

Eye colors are secondary elements to skin tone. Blue eyes can be either cool or warm depending upon their shade. For example, if blue eyes are a pale blue-gray color, they are warm, but if they are a violet tone, they are cool. Brown eyes can also vary, with medium-brown to nearly black being cool shades and light brown cider tones being warm.

Hair Color

Warm hair colors feature brownish black, carrot, dirty gray, brown-gold and golden blond. Cool tones feature strawberry blond blue-black, white, platinum, auburn, ash brown and salt-and-pepper shades.

Sunglasses Frame Colors

Once someone determines if they have cool or warm skin tones, it's important to select the right color of wholesale sunglasses that best compliments skin, eye and hair colors.

Cool skin tones look best with wholesale designer sunglasses that reflect black, rose-brown, silver, blue-gray, plum, pink, magenta, jade, dark tortoise and blue. Warm skin tones, however, offset camel, gold, khaki, copper, orange, peach, off-white, coral, warm blue, fire-engine red and blond tortoise.

Latest Color Trends

There are several popular cheap wholesale sunglasses trends, including the following Wayfarer sunglasses colors for women: emerald, linden green, mykonos blue, acai, samba, koi, deep linchen green, vivacious, carafe and turbulence. The most popular whole sale sunglasses colors for men include emerald, mykonos blue, linden green, acai, samba, koi, deep lichen green, beaujolais, turbulence and carafe.

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