Top Sunglasses For All Female Facial Shapes

Nov 25, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Whether women want to rock a pair of cat-eye styles, oversized sunglasses or the popular Wayfarer sunglasses, this guide will help women select the right sunglasses style for their fashionista needs.

  • Aviators – Featuring curves and linear styles, aviators are among the most flattering sunglasses shapes.
  • Egg Shapes – Egg shaped lenses look especially good on people with a pointy chin or strong jaw line.
  • Wayfarer – These rounded styles look fabulous on square facial shapes. Some Wayfarers feature tall lenses and thick frames, which look good on long, oval faces.
  • Oversized – Big on style, oversized sunglasses make the perfect accessory for angular facial shapes. Some oversized styles look balanced on heart-shape faces.
  • Geometric – Geometric styles look fabulous on round faces, creating instant eye-pleasing attention.
  • Cat-Eye – Exaggerated with sculpted lifts, cat-eye styles are great for round faces. Thinner cat-eye styles look great when paired with a square jaw line. Oval faces look good with subtler cat-eye styles.

To measure for sunglasses, it's important to use the millimeter measurement system. Sunglasses feature three different numbers: the width of the lengths, the length of each arm and the distance between the two lenses.

Women can easily measure themselves by measuring the widest point of their faces. Measuring the width of the top of the nose is the middle number and the last number includes measuring the widest point of the face and then subtracting the middle number, dividing it in half to determine the appropriate lens size.

Designer sunglasses are usually most flattering when they are the identical width as the widest part of one's face. Even if the sunglasses measure a millimeter or two larger, they will still offer a good fit.

Protecting eyes from UV rays is important. Sunglasses should offer a minimum of 60-percent UVA protection, with at least 95- to 99-percent UVB protection. Most sunglasses offer comprehensive UV protection, but it's best to confirm before purchasing.

Sunglasses also save the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes, which is especially prone to premature wrinkling. Oversized sunglasses seem to do a better job of protecting this delicate skin tissue. Amber or brown lenses offer excellent high-contrast vision, especially for sporting events. Grey lenses are best for driving, as they minimize visual distortion.

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