Top Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2014

Jul 03, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Embracing the latest summertime fashion trends is fun and stylish. In many ways, today's sunglass trends are directly influenced by social media websites, which can instantly generate buzz and interest about the latest iconic fashion styles and trends.

Popular 2014 summer sunglass trends are highlighted below:

  • Floral – Dolce & Gabbana made this trend exceptionally popular, as it highlights flower embellishments and adornments. This style is also gaining popularity with bohemian trends, including those that focus on earth and nature. The environmental, earth-friendly movement is making nature-inspired designs extremely popular this season.
  • Wayfarer Sunglasses – The latest style trend incorporates classic Ray Ban frames with colorful lenses. A perfect balance between old and new, these styles are hip, retro and modern.
  • Circular – Bold and vibrant, a scene-stealing style this season includes combining bright colors with retro-style round frames. These sunglasses offer a vintage vibe that is charming, working well with most facial shapes. These sunglasses can dress up a casual outfit, instantly adding a touch of chic pizzazz.
  • Brow Bar – Accentuated top bars are growing in popularity. These sunglasses offer a punk-style look that is similar to 1990s styles. The brow bar is also a popular addition to other frames, such as those that feature more round or oval shapes.

Some sunglasses focus on over the top statements, including incorporating cat-eye styles with heavy monochromatic color schemes. Vibrant colors and frame patterns are hot this season, with some frames featuring zigzag, ikat-style prints with bold lenses that range from blue to vibrant purple.

John Lennon-style round frames are all the rage among musicians. This style updates with colorful lenses, that feature vibrant aqua blue. Another popular color trend are tone-on-tone frames and lenses, which feature burgundy frames with light red or pink lenses.

Shapes are also big this season, with butterfly and heart shape sunglasses popping up on runways. These distinct frames are fun, especially for teens and more artistic people with a flair for the unusual and dramatic. Embellishments are always fashionable, whether they line the side of frames or highlight the front of cat-eye styles.

Tri-color frames are also popular, with two tonal colors blending with a contrasting color. This may include yellow and brown, framing a bright eye-catching blue.

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