Top 10 Reasons for Wearing Sunglasses

Mar 10, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


There are endless reasons why people wear sunglasses. Here are the top 10 in no particular order.

  1. UV Protection – People protect their skin from harmful UV rays and the eyes are no exception. Associated with an increased risk of cataracts and ocular macular degeneration, protecting those baby blues has never been so important.
  2. Prevent wrinkles! Why slather eye cream around delicate eye tissue if people continually squint into the sun? Better to invest in a pair of sunglasses with a protective tint. This helps reduce eyestrain and squinting which leads to premature fine lines.
  3. Need to disguise those late nights? Sunglasses are perfect for hiding allergy-ridden eyes, late nights spent weeping at romantic comedies, or simply if someone is looking to grab late night ice cream incognito.
  4. Calling all hip fashionistas! Do you have a pair of stellar, eye-turning Jackie O. glasses? Do you turn heads when you walk by, making people wonder, “Who is that celebrity?” Well, reason number four is simple: everyone wants to look their best so why not don a pair of trendy, hip sunglasses.
  5. Improved vision – Instead of eating 10 pounds of carrots to improve eyesight, the appropriate sunglasses tint is actually known to help increase clarity two-fold. Popular for reducing glare on the slopes, snow sports enthusiasts consider sunglasses and tinted goggles to be a necessary accessory.
  6. For the love of sports! The appropriate type of sunglasses can actually help improve athletes’ vision. Cycling and runners can spend an entire afternoon outdoors and preserving their vision so they can see obstacles and assess terrain is vital to their outdoor sport.
  7. Eye protection is crucial and sunglasses can help reduce dust and debris, decreasing irritation caused by environmental pollutants and stimulants.
  8. Sunglasses help reduce glare, improving night vision and thus by reducing traffic accidents. Glare reduction is also helpful for water sports or boating activities.
  9. You admire professional poker players. Have you ever wondered why professional poker players habitually wear sunglasses? Their income depends on bluffing and being virtually unreadable to their opponent. This makes dark, mysterious sunglasses a necessary part of their professional poker-playing attire. If someone has a job where it is vital they remain unreadable, owning a pair of sunglasses is not optional.
  10. Ophthalmologists confirm that as little as two to three hours of direct sunlight is proven to decrease the     eyes’ ability to focus and adapt to certain levels of light.

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