Tips for Selecting the Right Sunglasses based on Shape and Fit

Apr 29, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Many times consumers feel helpless when browsing sunglasses in bulk. What is the best shape for his/her face? Are the trendy styles complementary to their distinguishing facial characteristics?

Any time a retailer has knowledge about how to properly recommend and select sunglasses, it can help guide the consumer towards making a solid, long-term purchase.

One of the most important aspects when selecting the right style is determining facial shape. Facial shapes are generally either round, oval, triangular, oblong, an inverted triangle, square or diamond-shaped. Frames should highlight and contrast the facial shape. For example, typical advice is people who have round faces should consider narrow frames that are wide, but not deep and help lengthen the face. People with petite features should not select an oversized frame that dominates and overwhelms their faces. Generally, excellent examples for different facial shapes are as follows:

  • Round features – Square or rectangular frames
  • Oval – Most frames compliment this facial shape, but square and wrap-around styles seem to be the most complimentary
  • Triangular – Cat-eye glasses, those that have straight lines on top and bright colorful frames compliment this facial shape
  • Oblong – Consider frames that are wider than the broadest area of the face
  • Inverted triangle – Light colors, thinner frames or rimless designs
  • Square – Round, oval, thinner frames, cat-eyed glasses or those with soft edges
  • Diamond-Shaped – Oval, rimless designs or those with bold brow-lines

Additionally, skin tone also affects which sunglasses a consumer should purchase. Coloring should compliment skin tone and hair color. For example, warm skin tones that have a yellow tone often have golden blond, brown-gold, red or grey hair. Cooler skin tones have blue or pink undertones and hair colors are often blonde, white, light brown or black. Consumers with warm tones look fantastic in sunglasses that are predominantly bright red, off-white, copper, peach, gold, camel or khaki. Cool tones compliment frames that are tortoise-colored, magenta, black, brown, plum or blue.

These rules are not steadfast; they are simply general rules that work well for most of the population when shopping for bulk sunglasses. Sometimes people may have a certain feature that they wish to draw attention to so they seek a trendy style that perhaps highlights their luscious lips. On the other hand, if someone has a feature, such as a larger nose, perhaps he/she desires to have a pair of sunglasses that draws attention upwards, towards their brow line.

Retailers that have a general working knowledge of these types of tips and recommendations can actually help consumers make an informed wholesale designer sunglasses purchase.

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