The Versatility of Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Oct 11, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Ever versatile and always in style, tortoiseshell sunglasses can be seen gracing runways year after year. Classic and iconic, tortoiseshell sunglasses are always in style, blending with nearly any complexions and hair colors. Available in an array of shades, ranging from browns to yellows, these upscale sunglasses exude high-fashionista status.

Made popular by the eccentric early 19th century comedian Harold Lloyd, these glasses appeared in an age that was dominated by metal, period-style eyeglasses. This also marked an important event in eyeglass fashion, one that changed eyeglasses from a medical necessity into a must-have fashion accessory.

Long ago, and in fact up until 1973, tortoise shell sunglasses were made using authentic hawksbill turtle shells. Once these turtles were included on the endangered species list, the world was banned from using their shells. Still in high demand, designers began mimicking natural tortoiseshell from synthetic materials, such as acetate. This eventually gave way to a unique spelling for synthetic acetone – tortoiseshell as a single word instead of its authentic two-word counterpart. Today's designs are just as durable as the original tortoise shell sunglasses and are in fact, more stylish and popular than ever.

Never going out of style, tortoiseshell sunglasses are the perfect neutral sunglasses frames. Easy to mix and match with a variety of designer outfits, tortoiseshell sunglasses go with an array of colors, ranging from blacks, browns, reds, ivories, greens, grays, yellows and even pinks. Additionally, they look good with nearly any hair color, other than gray, as blonde, gold, brown or brunette tones pick up the unique tortoiseshell colors.

Suitable for both genders, this style was hailed as a cult-classic by Jackie Onassis' followers. Another benefit of tortoiseshell sunglasses is that they can easily be dressed up or down, are ideal for all-season wear and blend with nearly any wardrobe.

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