The Ultimate Sunglasses Guide for Every Occasion

Jul 07, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear offers a glimpse into the latest sunglasses fashions, including how to pair them with the season's most popular outfits. Some of the most popular women's sunglasses fashions include:

  • Floral designs add a charming touch of whimsy to any solid print outfit. In fact, it lends the perfect amount of accessory pizzazz.
  • Light-toned frames, such as those in tan-hued off-whites are the perfect compliment to any bronzed skin tone.
  • Aviator styles are simply iconic and classic, being staple styles since the late 1930's. This super slick style lends an instant, stylish and yet classic look to any outfit.
  • Oversized sunglasses are the ultimate accessories for mornings after late nights.
  • Celebrity sunglasses styles not only exude sophisticated style, but they let any housewife feel as though they're worth a million dollars.

Sunglasses are year-round fashion accessories that also have added health benefits. Helping provide much needed protection when outdoors, these stylish accessories are great for playing sports, skiing or even taking in some rays on the beach.

Ideal lenses for sports enthusiasts include polarized lenses, mirror-coated lenses and anti-reflecting coating. These are ideal for activities that have bright weather conditions, including snow glare and sun.

The latest trends for men's sunglasses include:

  1. Casual – These styles are perfect for everyday errands and shopping. Whether it's wearing casual jeans and a t-shirt or even dressing up casual attire with a blazer, these casual styles offer UV protection. Wayfarer sunglasses are ideal for casual style.
  2. Sporty – Whether someone is jogging or driving long distances, having a comfortable pair of lightweight sunglasses that wrap slightly around the face area are excellent. X-Loop sunglasses are a superb sporty sunglasses brand.
  3. Elegant – When an occasion requires a more dressed-up look, such as formal parties and weddings, having a pair of sunglasses that ooze sophistication is necessary.

Olympic Eyewear offers the latest sunglasses at wholesale prices. Their experts help select the latest sunglasses styles, which makes it easy for retailers to select bulk sunglasses. Retailers can purchase styles by the dozen and Olympic Eyewear offers discounts for bulk purchases, including 5-percent off over orders of $500 or more, 10-percent off $1,000, 15-percent over $3,000 and 20-percent over $5,000.

Whether retailers are looking for DG sunglasses, Locs sunglasses or VG sunglasses, Olympic Eyewear has these bases covered.

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