The Rising Popularity of Wayfarer's Sunglasses

Feb 03, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Wayfarer sunglasses continue to grow in popularity for the rock and roll industry as well as fans. Made popular back in the 1950's by singers like Roy Orbison, the Wayfarer sunglass has a distinctive style. These iconic sunglasses truly signify what rock and roll is all about.

Worn by many of today's celebrities, offers an excellent selection of wholesale Wayfarer sunglasses to appeal to every taste and style. offers a wide range of classically styled Wayfarer's in all colors and lens tints. This is top quality eyewear that your customers will love and it is one of the most copied sunglass styles of all time so you can count on strong sales in every season.

Most Wayfarer sunglasses feature acetate frames and alloy hinges with glass or polycarbonate lenses. They usually feature polarized lenses mounted on hard plastic frames. The angled eye frame with arms fit snugly over the ears, while resting comfortably on the nose. The plastic nose pads are part of the molded frame.

Wayfarers are available in every size too and include great UV protection so that you can safely wear them in sun, snow or during any concert or sporting event. Some of the most famous stars of old who made Wayfarer's famous were Sammy Davis, Jr. and Bob Dylan.
Those who love Wayfarers know that it's all about attitude. Wear them with your favorite distressed jeans and a white V-neck tee and everyone will look around and stare to see who the new rock N' roll star is. gives you a broad range of choices in high-quality wholesale sunglasses to those groups who love style and comfort. Whether it’s singing in a rock band or attending your favorite concert, Olympic Eyewear has something for everyone. Because of our continuing commitment to excellence and great service, today we are one of the leading distributors of wholesale discount sunglasses in the U.S.

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