The Right Pair for You: Sunglasses Personality

Sep 17, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses, like other accessories, are versatile enough to complement a variety of different tastes and styles. Like people, they have distinct traits that may fit the typical collective traits of a persona. Many people choose sunglasses that also share descriptive traits with their own personalities.

Loud & bold. Loud, bold styles perhaps like those of oversized sunglasses can suit the personality of a person who is vivacious and does everything in a large way! DG Sunglasses have many oversized sunglasses in different shapes and sizes. Wayfarer Sunglasses in bright and bold colors also fit this category.

Eclectic. Many styles can suit an eclectic personality. An eclectic person usually has a combination of different but unique tastes. Animal print sunglasses may express an eclectic personality because of how distinct and multivariate they are, but an eclectic person may feel equally comfortable in drastically different styles.

Classy. Classy styles tend to have a delicacy about them – serious with a touch of finesse. Frames are thin rather than thick, and designs are elegant and simple. Aviator sunglasses are an example of a classy style. Some kinds of rimless glasses also have a very classy look. A person drawn to a classy style may be a serious, industrious, business-like, or mature person, or someone that appreciates a highly-refined simplicity.

Vintage. There are all kinds of vintage sunglasses to suit a broad range of personality types, but what they all have in common are identity with the creative energy of bygone eras. Vintage wear hearkens back to eras where creativity gained noticeable heights – these heights were periods of creative renaissance. The person suited to vintage wear usually has a religious appreciation for the arts and tend to be artists themselves.

Non-fussy and Simple. Whether sportswear sunglasses or a pair of simple frames with a functional design, non-fuss sunglasses are for people looking for more function than style, although style is still important. A non-fuss person generally wants ease, protection, convenience and enhancement – something that will get the job done, everything else is secondary.

Olympic Eyewear carries many lines of high quality discount designer wholesale sunglasses. There are sunglasses to suit any taste or personality, from simple and non-fussy to sunglasses with rhinestones or buckles. Some other top brands in addition to DG are Biohazard Sunglasses, X-Loop Sunglasses, Locs Sunglasses, and Choppers Sunglasses.

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