The Perfect Frame Up Job: Choosing Your Sunglasses Frames

Jan 23, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Are you shopping for a pair of sunglasses? Well, a flattering pair of sunglasses can only be so if it suits your face. After all, sunglasses are a fashion accessory. The purpose for wearing a pair is for it to highlight your face – to flaunt the positives and tone down the negatives. For instance, Holly Golightly's look wouldn't have been complete without her shades, but trying to get that same look when you have a small face can result in the sunglasses overpowering your face.

Sunglasses can actually do a lot to complement the face, especially if you choose one with the shape and proportion of your face in mind. Generally, the frame should also have an opposite shape as your face. For instance, a square face should wear rounded frames while a round face should wear square frames.

Here are some tips based on your face shape:

  • Oval-shaped face. Oval-shaped faces actually work with most sunglass styles, since their shape has a more balanced proportion. Those who are lucky to have this type of face can get virtually any kind of frame. However, you should also remember to match the size of the frames with the size of the lens. A large frame on a petite face will be too overpowering while a too-small frame on a large face would just make the face look larger. Select dark lenses in solid colors to add more definition and to emphasize your cheekbones. Try experimenting with wholesale designer sunglasses that match your unique sense of style.
  • Oblong-shaped face. This features a wide face that is on the longish side. To counteract the length of the face, choose shorter deep frames, where the frame is no longer than the widest part of the face with the corners of the frames aligned with the cheekbones and temples. The frames should be deep to make the face look wider. You can also use your choice of frame to highlight the cheekbones, making them look sharper, more defined.  Don't choose small frames, which serves to further elongate your face. Instead, get oversized frames that soften your look.
  • Round-shaped face. With this kind of face, the horizontal and the vertical lengths of the face are almost the same. You can provide a slimmer silhouette by getting a frame that is longer than the widest part of the face.  The frame should ideally have higher temples or double brow bars. This separates the eye area from the mouth, making the face look longer.  Round-shaped faces will work best with square, rectangular or oversized and angular frames. You can also try wayfarer sunglasses or frames with vented lenses. You can add further accents with bold colors or wild prints. Stay away from rounded frames.
  • Square-shaped face. This features a strong jawline, with wide forehead, chin and cheekbones. This should be paired with rounded or oval-shaped frames to provide contract to the square shape of the face. You can also try cat's eye style sunglasses. Don't wear squarish frames that can only accentuate an angular face and draw the eyes to the strong jawline. You can also soften the angles of the face with aviator sunglasses. For a feminine silhouette, choose oversize sunglasses with a butterfly frame. Meanwhile, to accentuate one's masculinity, go for dark lenses on metal frames. Stay clear of sunglasses with double brow bars since this will only accentuate the jawline.
  • Heart-shaped face. As the name suggests, the top of the face is wider and rounded. while the jaw is narrow, even pointed. Sunglasses can be used to soften and broaden the chin and detract from the wide forehead. What works best would be oversized rectangular frames or ones that have a straight top line and ones that are wider at the bottom. You can also use sunglasses to draw attention to the cheekbones. Other choices that best fit heart-shaped faces include rimless frames done in light colors, as well as aviator sunglasses and butterfly sunglasses with classic turquoise.

Determining Your Face Shape

Now, the question will be, what is your face shape? To find out, have someone to take a picture of you. Make sure to directly face the camera. Trace the outline of your face.

With Olympic Eyewear, you can have a wide selection of cheap wholesale sunglasses that perfectly suit your face, as well as your sense of style. When you buy wholesale sunglasses by the dozen, you can make a definitive fashion statement, without having to make a sizable dent on your budget.

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