The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

Aug 16, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Warm weather is in full swing and the most commonly worn accessories are sunglasses! Nothing looks sportier than topping off that itty-bitty bikini than a stellar pair of shades. More than just an attractive accessory, sunglasses offer several health benefits, which include:

Sun Exposure

Sunglasses help avoid damaging sunburns. In fact, contrary to what most people believe, it is actually possible to burn one's eyes. This often results in irritation, redness and a gritty feeling that feels similar to having sand in the eyes.

Long-Term Eye Health

When the eyes are exposed to long-term damaging sunrays, the risk of developing glaucoma and cataracts increase. Sunglasses that filter 75- to 90-percent of light, in addition to blocking a minimum of 95-percent of UVA as well as 99-percent of UBV radiation, are the most helpful in avoiding these conditions. Considering wearing a broad-rimmed hat, as this protects the eyes from any light that may saturate frame's edges.

Wrinkle Prevention

Everyone knows that pampering skin can help avoid unsightly wrinkles. What most people don't know is that since sunglasses offer a shade of protection, it means that people are not as prone to squinting in direct sunlight. Squinting is one of the primary sources for developing crow's feet and wrinkles around the delicate eye areas.

Skin Cancer

With all the news highlighting the dangers of excessive sun exposure, especially how it leads to skin cancer, many people are looking to protect their skin from damaging UV rays. One area of the face that often goes overlooked is the eyelid. This thin skin can be more susceptible to skin cancer if exposed to UV rays on a regular basis. Early prevention is the best way to avoid skin cancer. People who undergo skin cancer treatment may require chemotherapy, but usually the treatment involves laser and chemical peels, as well as unsightly biopsies, which can result in scarring.

And the coolest thing?

Sunglasses are the ultimate HOT accessory! Everyone looks more mysterious and seductive behind dark shades. It adds to the inexplicable allure of the human body.

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