Sep 20, 2012

Teens and Sunglasses

Parents of teens know just how challenging it can be getting their teenagers to do what they should sometimes. This is the age where they are often torn between what their peers think, while learning about identity, responsibility, and independence. It’s an important process that for parents can get tiresome. Thankfully, coaxing teens to protect their eyes with sunglasses may not be a hot button topic. Thanks to present-day fashion trends and lots of celebrity followings, sunglasses get the cool rating from teens.

Eye experts say that our eyes are susceptible to long-term damage if they get too much exposure to the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays. In fact, eye experts also say that children under the age of 18 could be more susceptible partly because they tend to spend more time outdoors. At their age, teens should have already learned protective habits that they can take into adulthood.

While all the great medical, health, and functional reasons for wearing sunglasses may not be the most convincing points for most teens, style remains one of the most important decisive factors for teens who are trying to find a pair of sunglasses they are happy with.

Not all teenagers struggle with fitting in, but many do, and many others are at least concerned about doing things that are socially “sanctioned” by their peers. It’s a good thing sunglasses are so popular, and it’s also fortunate that teens can get a pair of inexpensive sunglasses in almost any style they so desire.

There are really so many options to choose from. Wayfarer sunglasses have been enjoying popularity lately, with bold fun colors presenting many options for matching with mood or outfit. Aviators may be great for the classic-style teen that wants a little bit of maturity in their look. Rhinestone sunglasses add a little bit of dazzle and retro sunglasses are all funk. Sports sunglasses provide options for the teen who leads an active lifestyle.

Whatever their style, teens can find something that matches who they are, while allowing them social approval and, of course, protection for their eyes.

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