Sunglasses for Women: Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 05, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


'Tis the holiday season for generosity and gift gifting. To find the perfect pair of women's sunglasses consider the following sunglass tints.

  • Amber – When selecting the right pair of sunglasses for women, it is important that people look at the specific shade. For example, amber lenses increase contrast, allowing shapes to appear crisp and clear. Blocking out blue light, views on hazy, cloudy or foggy days are clearer, making these perfect for baseball, softball, fishing, cycling, running, golfing, hiking, motorcycling, winter sports and water sports.
  • Brown – Brown lenses feature designs to help enhance light surroundings, increasing vision in low-light conditions. These are ideal for baseball, softball, fishing, hiking, golfing, cycling, running, water sports, motorcycling and winter sports.
  • Blue Lenses – Blue lenses reduce glare, while enhancing contrast, making them superb for golfing.
  • Gradient Lenses – Darkest at the top, coloring decreases towards the bottom, which makes this style excellent for low-light situations, such as driving.
  • Gray Lenses – Helping reduce bright sunlight and simultaneously reduce glare, gray lenses are designed for outdoor sports and bright light conditions, such as fishing, cycling, running, motorcycling, baseball, softball and water sports.
  • Green – Green lenses provide people with the least amount of color distortion, making them the choice lens for clear days and the following types of activities: golfing, cycling, motorcycling, running, baseball and softball.
  • Mirrored – These classy, yet trendy mirrored lenses, are commonly used for water sports, hiking and winter sports.
  • Orange – Orange lenses increase vision in low-light or overcast conditions. They work well for biking, snow sports or fishing activities.
  • Polarized Lenses – Superb for several activities, polarized lenses are excellent for fishing, hiking, golfing, cycling, running, winter sports, water sports and motorcycling.
  • Rose – With a red-color tint that offers low-light image resolution, these are helpful for biking, water sports, fishing, winter sports and motorcycling.
  • Smoke Lenses – This style helps decrease sunlight, making them especially good for motorcycling and water sports.
  • Yellow Lenses – Adding depth perception and increasing visibility, these are perfect for overcast weather, as well as baseball, softball, golfing, biking and winter sports.

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