Sunglasses: Who Should Wear Them?

Jan 20, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Our vision is a precious gift. With it, we can sit down and behold a breathtaking sunset, appreciate art and enjoy the beauty of the rugged outdoors. Sadly though, we sometimes take this gift for granted. We tend to abuse this by exposing it needlessly to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Over time, our lackadaisical approach to protecting our eyes can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, cancer of the skin surrounding the eyes and even blindness.

One way of protecting your eyes would be to wear sunglasses. These protect against prolonged sun exposure, the wind and any injury that may be caused by flying objects and debris. Aside from protection, sunglasses also enhance your vision by improving depth perception. It also removes glare and color distortion so that you can see more clearly, especially in particular environments and light conditions.

Now, who should wear sunglasses? The Terminator. Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Horatio Caine in CSI: Miami. Holly Golightly. The Men in Black. These are not the only ones who should enjoy the protection (and style) that a good pair of sunglasses can afford.

Here are some who would do best to avail of wholesale sunglasses by the dozen:

Sportsmen. Runners, cyclists, skiers, trekkers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts are exposed to the sunlight for extended periods of time. Sportsmen are almost always on the move – the visual clarity provided by sunglasses enable them to react more quickly.

  • Skiers also need sunglasses to protect against the wind and the cold, as well as the sunlight being reflected in the snow.
  • Bikers need it to protect against intense wind velocity, as well as small rocks or debris that may fly around while they are on the road.
  • Surfers wear sunglasses to shield the eyes from salt water and the wind that can negatively affect performance.
  • Runners who wear sunglasses are able to relax the muscles of the face (since there is no need to squint). This, in turn, relaxes the jaws, promotes easier breathing and improves running performance.
  • People who indulge in other sports can also benefit. Sunglasses can protect from impact injuries caused by balls, rackets, bats or even moving body parts.

Fishermen and sailors. The sun reflected on the water only intensifies the damage from UV rays.  Polarized wayfarer sunglasses also remove glare so that fisherman can see beyond the water's surface. This is very useful when one is trying to spot that prize catch of a fish.

Drivers. Racecar drivers, school bus drivers, long distance drivers, and even those who drive from the home to the office (and vice versa) should wear sunglasses to protect from the glare from the asphalt road or pavement. Depending on the direction you are taking, the sun can even be directly in front of you. The glaring rays can cause you to temporarily lose your vision and focus, so that you are not able to see even a few feet in front of you. You can also lose control of the vehicle. With sunglasses, you don't have to squint and not be distracted by light reflecting off many surfaces – not just the road, but also glass and metal. Sunglasses can help minimize accidents on the road.

Children. Children and babies are particularly susceptible to the UV rays of the sun because their eyes are not yet equipped. Children's eyes cannot filter the sun's rays as effectively as adult eyes because the lenses of their eyes are clearer and thus allow more of the light to come in and cause damage. Teaching your child to get into the habit of wearing sunglasses will help reduce any damage they may have to face later in life.

The seniors. Elderly individuals may already be suffering from macular degeneration. They may need some prescription sunglasses to help them slow down the deterioration of the eyesight.

As you will notice, virtually anyone needs sunglasses. Olympic Eyewear provides you with a wide choice of wholesale designer sunglasses for your everyday use and for sports events. You can protect your and your family's eyes by getting wholesale sunglasses by the dozen.


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