Sunglasses Trends Update: The Newest Arrivals at Olympic Eyewear

May 02, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


As summer gets closer, it's time to start thinking about the current fashions for sunglasses. Olympic Eyewear stocks many new models of sunglasses every month.

 Women's Wayfarer Sunglasses

Model DG954MIX

These sunglasses are styled after one of the most popular sunglasses in history. Wayfarer sunglasses were most prominent in the eighties, but were actually a redesign of a popular style in the fifties. These vintage sunglasses are a true classic; simple lines and versatile neutral colors make them a perfect fit for any outfit.

 Men's Aviator Sunglasses

Model AV46MIX

Originally created in the thirties to protect the eyes of pilots, aviators sunglasses had their real heyday in the sixties. In recent years the aviator style sunglasses have come back with full force. In addition to their superb usefulness in eye protection, these sunglasses are a fashion staple.

 Children's Sunglasses

Model KD49MIX

This model of sunglasses is a great fit for most any child. The lines are simple and flattering to most faces. Available in a variety of colors, they can be tailored according to tastes.

 Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Model XL493PZH

Sports are one activity that can really benefit from a good pair of sunglasses. These polarized sunglasses block glare while still allowing the wearer to see the fine details that other sunglasses would obscure.

 Rhinestone Designer Sunglasses

Model DG952MIX

These sunglasses are a bold fashion statement. Their oversized lenses are emphasized by strategically placed rhinestones. Although they're bold in style, they're quite versatile as well. They can be worn with any color, and any style from subtle to bold to formal.

Ordering sunglasses in bulk is a necessity to any business that sells them, but most people don't realize the benefits of buying sunglasses in bulk for personal use. Buying sunglasses by the dozen allows one to purchase a model in a variety of colors to coordinate with outfits daily, as well as provide backup sunglasses if a pair is lost. Olympic Eyewear has made available to the general public hundreds of models of sunglasses at wholesale; prices start at only $18 for a dozen pairs of sunglasses.

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