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Mar 29, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Often time’s wholesale sunglasses are not equivalent to the investment in regular prescription glasses so consumers do not take the necessary time to ensure an adequate, comfortable fit. It is important to make sure that sunglasses not only fit properly, but also are tailored to each person’s needs.

While there are different types of lens materials and a variety of tint options available on the market today, the comfort of the frame is also an important factor when choosing the right pair of sunglasses at wholesale prices.

Frames typically come in three different types of materials:

  • Acetate and Zyl – These handmade plastic frames are popular. They are not extremely flexible and not recommended for sports.
  • Metal – Easily adjustable to each person’s face, they do not obstruct people’s vision and are highly durable.
  • Nylon – Lightweight and durable, they do have some limitations with adjusting unless they have an internal metal frame.

Frames should have a snug fit in the ear and nose region, but should not rub, pinch or cause pain. The weight of the frames should be evenly distributed between the nose and ears, if not this can cause facial pressure and discomfort. Another important tip with the nosepiece is that eyelashes should never touch the frame or lenses.

The type of hinges on frames is extremely important. Nylon frames have a pin that is part of the frame material itself, making them durable. Acetate, metal and zyl frames use a spring-loaded hinge or a barrel design, allowing for increased flexibility.

Nosepieces also depend on the activities sunglasses will be used for. If someone has an active outdoor lifestyle and sweats, rubber nosepieces help prevent glasses from sliding down the nose.

Styles are designed to fit small, medium or large faces. Every manufacturer has a guideline for fit, so if marketing to online consumers, consider having this information readily available. Some brands offer easy temple adjustment or offer temples in adjustable lengths.

Metal frames are easily adjustable and consumers can receive a custom fit by carefully bending and adjusting the frame’s bridge piece, earpiece and side temples.

Lenses come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Generally, wrap-around lenses decrease the eyes’ exposure to light, and are excellent for sports, improve aerodynamics and provide extra environmental protection against outdoor elements.

Facial shape should be taken into consideration when selecting frames and lenses. For example, oval shapes look good in nearly any type of frame. Square faces look great in round or oval shapes. Round faces look best in angular or square-shaped frame styles. Heart-shaped faces are most appealing in glasses that are heavier on the bottom than top, balancing facial features.

Olympic Eyewear offers all shapes and sizes to ensure that retailers are well stocked with styles that meet any consumer’s needs.

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