Top must-have Sunglasses Styles for Summer Festivals and Concerts

May 09, 2017 Olympic Eyewear


If you have ever spent time at trendy happenings like Coachella and SXSW, you already know that the music scene is only part of the experience. (Coachella sunglasses in particular are notorious for being a trend magnet.) Hipsters and trendsetters flock to these festivals and others largely to discover what's new in the world of style and flash a little bit of their own. And you can be sure the top festival sunglasses styles will take center stage on the fashion watch.

Here are all the top music festival sunglasses styles and trends you can expect to see for this year's round of summer festivals and concerts – go snag some of these wholesale sunglasses for yourself and your friends.

The Oversized Sunglasses Style

summer oversized sunglasses

The large and in charge lenses are still making waves this year the same as they have the past several seasons. Butterfly sunglasses create a feminine appeal, while cat-eye flat lenses generate a Hollywood-esque allure. But if you are worried about where these larger-than-your-face sunglasses will end up once the summer concerts end, don't – fashion advisors predict that the style will last for at least a few more seasons.

Colored Lenses

summer colored lense sunglesses

The classic sunglass tint is getting some competition this year as colored lenses make a comeback. A deep blue lens has become a popular color choice for Coachella sunglasses, as well as varying shades of sunny yellow lenses and a slightly blue ombre effect. Major runways have also seen the likes of greens and purples for a dare-to-be-bold statement.

Round as the Sun

summer round sunglasses

Perfectly circular lenses are making a splash this season, especially when they offer a little extra oomph on the frame. You'll find this style with a darker- or lighter-than-normal lens, perhaps with a double wire frame (also a statement this year).

Add Some Bling

summer bling sunglasses

Embellishments on sunglasses are all the rage right now, particularly ones that add sparkle and shine. From gems to studs to glitter, a sparkly sunglasses style can help you stand out in the massive festival crowds. You can opt for subtle add-ons that only focus on part of the frame, or you could go bigger and bolder with glittery embellishments that create the focal point of your entire ensemble.

The Cat Came Back

summer cat eyed sunglasses

Just like Harry Miller described in his popular hit song, cat eye sunglasses will be circulating through the concert crowds this summer. You can pick up a pair in half-rim or full rim with large or small lenses. It's a versatile fashion statement, at the very least. The cat eye sunglasses style also makes it easy to pair with another trending feature, like a colored lens or some gaudy rhinestone embellishments.

Float Like a Butterfly

summer butterfly sunglasses

Could there be anything more fitting than butterfly sunglasses at an earthy music festival? The butterfly sunglasses style adds a unique shape to otherwise basic sunglasses. You can also combine this fun yet subtle shape with other on-point trends, like the oversized look or some blingy add-ons.

Make a Statement

summer statement sunglasses

As the ultimate fashion accessory for summer concerts and music festivals, finding sunglasses styles that no one else would possibly have is a hot trend this season. From funky shapes and sizes to unique colors and accessories (yes, you can accessorize your accessories), trendsetters are going for that one-of-a-kind statement.

Remember, you never have to settle on just one style. With this kind of variety combined with wholesale sunglasses prices, you can rock a different look each day. Swap out pairs of these hot festival sunglasses with your friends and see who wears them best, or try to snag the same pairs for a matching look. And never be afraid to try something new – you never know which trends might become your new favorite.

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