Sunglasses Styles by Facial Shapes

Jul 13, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


There are certain sunglasses styles that compliment different facial shapes. By following these tips, people can guarantee a stylish look that compliments their facial features.

  • Heart-Shaped – For people with heart-shaped faces, which typically means a narrow chin, wide cheekbones and a wide forehead, cat-eye and round sunglasses shapes are ideal. This facial shape should avoid overly embellished sunglasses.
  • Oblong – Defined by a narrow chin, narrow cheeks and a long face, this facial shape compliments oversized or wrapped styles. Narrow frames should be avoided.
  • Oval – With a balanced jaw, forehead and cheekbones, any shape of sunglasses compliments these versatile facial features.
  • Square – With a square jaw line and broad forehead, this facial shape compliments cat eye, round and oval styles. Sunglasses that have sharp geometric shapes emphasize angular features, so they should be avoided. Having softer shapes helps balance out these features.
  • Round – With a narrow forehead and jaw line and full cheekbones, wide and rectangular-style frames compliment this facial shape. Colored lenses and round frames should be avoided, as they exaggerate the fullness of this face shape. Aviator styles look especially good when paired with round faces.
  • Rectangular – For people with rectangular faces, bold, big and round styles are ideal for longer bone structures.

Other popular shades this season include:

  • Shield-Styles – This trend boasts a sporty-chic look with curvaceous edges, which makes angles look less harsh.
  • Strong Lines – A strong, fluid line helps to define the upper third of the face, which is perfect for helping to minimize jaw line boxiness.
  • Horned Temples – Aviator-style sunglasses that feature buffalo horn temples are extremely popular this season.
  • Yellow-Rimmed Gradients – These are ideal for casual weekends.
  • Colors – This season is seeing a variety of unusual colors, including pale greens to browns.
  • Aviators – Chunky aviator styles feature wide bottoms that focus on helping to balance sharp chin features.
  • Tortoiseshell – Made popular by Jackie Onassis, this color compliments a variety of skin tones.
  • Softened Colors – When pairing softer shades of tan with bold-style frames, it helps to ease the harshness of larger style sunglasses.

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