Sunglasses: Helping Retailers Build Profits

Jan 16, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses are among the most profitable retail categories. To help boost retailers' revenues, companies need to promote sunglasses, offering a mix of colors, styles and price points. It's also important to effectively display sunglasses, catching consumers' attention.

In fact, Olympic Eyewear offers thousands of sunglasses, including best sellers and the latest monthly and seasonal arrivals. Helping make sure retailers have a mix of sunglasses that appeal to the general public, Olympic Eyewear helps retailers keep pace with the ever-changing fashion industry.

Olympic Eyewear offers a wide assortment of popular brands, including DG sunglasses, X-Loop sunglasses, Locs sunglasses, Choppers sunglasses, Biohazard sunglasses, Air Force sunglasses, Manhattan sunglasses, Arctic Blue sunglasses, Polarspex sunglasses, Road Warrior sunglasses, Nitrogen sunglasses, Romance sunglasses, Sturgeon sunglasses, VG sunglasses, Virage Eyewear, USA sunglasses, CG sunglasses, BeOne sunglasses, Oxigen sunglasses, Dxtreme sunglasses, Khan sunglasses and many more. As a one stop wholesale sunglasses shop, they also offer microfiber sunglasses pouches, cases and cleaning clothes.

To effectively market sunglasses, retailers should place them near the fronts of stores. Often time's sunglasses are impulse purchases, meaning they are excellent near registers. By offering sunglasses at an affordable price point, retailers can also appeal to consumers who have forgotten their sunglasses and simply want another pair.

Olympic Eyewear offers excellent pricing. For example, DG sunglasses are available in quantities of one dozen for $39.00. With a price point of $3.25 each, retailers easily stand to make a significant profit on this style of sunglasses.

Inexpensive sunglasses sell well even during recession times, as they help people with their driving, reduce glare, improve vision and are a stylish must-have accessory for everyone. Consumers are savvier than ever before, demanding more for their money. When purchasing sunglasses, they are looking for high quality, polycarbonate lenses, durable plastic and spring hinges. Most sunglasses range from $5 to upwards of $19.99 a pair, but most mall kiosks report that $10 a pair is the magic amount for impulse purchases. Boutique stores can charge upwards of this amount. The areas and clientele often determine prices.

Among the hottest sunglasses trends today are aviator sunglasses for men and rhinestone styles or women. Olympic Eyewear can work with retailers to determine a good mix of sunglasses. Retailers can provide a summary of their target demographics and areas; the experts at Olympic Eyewear can create custom orders based on this information.

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