Sunglasses Frame Size

Aug 02, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


There are several common types of sunglasses frame size. Choosing sunglasses frames is just as important as selecting the right style and color of lenses. To help make it easier to purchase bulk sunglasses, Olympic Eyewear offers tips for frame selection.

Frame Material

  • Metal – Metal sunglasses in bulk are the easiest material to adjust to individual facial features. They are less obtrusive to fields of vision, but generally come with a higher price tag. Overall, they are less durable and not designed for high-impact sports. They can also suffer distortion if left in the heat for too long.
  • Nylon – This lightweight, inexpensive frame is durable and somewhat impact-resistant, which makes it good for occasional sporting activities. Nylon frames do have an internal adjustable wire, which makes professional adjustments possible.
  • Zyl and Acetate – These colorful plastic glasses are trendy and not designed for high-activity sporting events. They are more popular as designer wholesale sunglasses, as they come in a wide array of shapes, styles and colors.


Dependent upon the frame material, hinges can feature several different styles. For example, nylon frames include molded pins, which creates long-lasting durability. Acetate, zyl and metal frames feature spring-hinge or barrel-hinge designs, which help mold to larger or wider facial shapes.

Nosepieces and Temples

When looking for sports-related sunglasses, such as X-Loop sunglasses, it is best to opt for rubber earpieces of nosepieces that are sweat-resistant, meaning they will not constantly slide down. This is less of an issue for upscale designer wholesale sunglasses, as these are not worn in outdoor sporting situations.

Fitting Tips

When trying on whole sale sunglasses, it's important to follow these tips:

  • Frames should fit snugly, but never rub, pinch or become uncomfortable.
  • For a proper fit, sunglasses require even weight distribution between the nose and ears.
  • Eyelashes should never touch the lenses.

Eye care professionals recommend wearing sunglasses during the summertime, when at the beach, when near bodies of water, in high elevation areas and during snow sports activities.

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