Sunglasses for Mountain Biking

Oct 11, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


As the leaves on the trees continue to change colors and fall to the ground in preparation for winter, you may be getting your fill of autumn fun outdoors. One activity that remains popular at this time of year is mountain biking. Along with watching the color show put on by the trees, long walks in the charming weather, or visits to apple orchards or pumpkin patches, mountain biking offers one additional way to appreciate the season's natural beauty.

Mountain biking, like so many other extreme sports, requires protective gear. One protective accessory that many mountain bikers swear by but which you may not have considered is sunglasses. While mountain bikers are speeding along or climbing winding paths that ascend or descend at sudden inclines and declines, both the speed and the conditions of their natural environment present hazards that can affect the eyes.

Bikers should always wear sunglasses that offer maximum UV protection. In addition to overexposure to the most harmful rays of the sun, sunglasses also offer riders protection against whipping breezes that may make your eyes uncomfortable depending on the speed you are going, and the type of weather you are biking in. Harsh or strong winds can cause your eyes to water, and make it difficult for you to see in front of you if you are squinting for protection.

Additionally, if you are riding in dusty terrain, sunglasses can give you very serious protection against kicked up dust or sand that can get into your eyes and force you to stop riding. Leaves or twigs from trees hanging over your path present other hazards to your eyes. So do flying insects. Many bike riders can attest to the experience of riding and suddenly feeling something fly right into their eye. That kind of discomfort can quickly turn into great pain, and further injury, depending on the type of insect and how well you are able to stall or prevent a resulting crash.

There are many different types of mountain biking challenges, which present different needs for eyewear. A biker needs to take into consideration their location and weather. What is the terrain like? Is it windy or very sunny? How is the visibility? Will you need help with contrast? Your sunglasses should tailor to meeting the needs demanded by these conditions.

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