Sunglasses for Kids! The Importance of Protecting Young Eyes

Aug 10, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Sunglasses offer adults UV protection plus an option to make a great fashion statement, but kids need them too! Opticians say that children's eyes are, in fact, more sensitive than adults' eyes, and are more vulnerable to sun exposure, especially for children under 10 years old.

Children should be encouraged to spend time outdoors – it is good for physical, cognitive, and emotional health and also necessary for Vitamin D absorption. With protective UV eyewear, children can enjoy the outdoors while also limiting damaging radiation.

Another benefit of wearing sunglasses for children is protection against impact from accidents or injuries that can occur from sports and outdoor games. Children's sunglasses should be sturdy and durable.

Olympic Eyewear has a broad array of kids sunglasses intended for age two and older, and made of durable plastic, which for active children is a much safer option than metal. Each pair of kids sunglasses also offers standard UV400 protection.

Get your children excited about wearing sunglasses – tell them why eye protection is important and also involve them in choosing stylish frames that they will like. Olympic Eyewear has a kids collection with styles that imitate the hottest trends in adult fashion. Our designer wholesale sunglasses for kids include brands like X-Loop Sunglasses, DG Sunglasses, and Locs Sunglasses.

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