Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes

Aug 07, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


You can wear any sunglasses you find fitting, no matter the shape of your face, or the style of the sunglasses – that's the bottom rule. However, some glasses-wearers are sometimes dissatisfied with the way some frames fit and how others do not. The following is just a basic guide to help you make a decision about frame shapes.

Oval-shaped face: oval-shaped faces are considered to be of perfect proportion with the forehead, cheeks, jaw, and chin – just about frames of any shape will fit this face type.

Square-shaped face: square faces have broad brows and broad jaws.Square sunglasses will emphasize the angles. Round, or oval shades or cat-eye shades will soften them.

Round-shaped face: people with round faces tend to have full cheeks, while the top and bottom of their faces are narrower. Round shades will only further enhance the roundness of the face, while angular/rectangular shades add balance.

Heart-shaped face: heart-shaped faces are broad in the brow while narrow in the cheeks and chin area. Cat-eye shapes and round shades go best with this face.

Oblong-shaped face: oblong-shaped faces tend to be long overall; narrow in the cheeks and in cheeks. Oversized sunglasses fit really well.

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