Sunglasses for a Beach Getaway!

Nov 11, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


The fall season is in full swing, and winter is just around the corner, are you planning a beach getaway this season? If so, one of the Number One items you'll need to carry with you, is your sunglasses!

While most people have heard the repeated warning about gallivanting on the beach without lathering on the sunblock, many might be unaware that the eyes are also sensitive to harmful UV rays. The most important reason for wearing sunglasses on the beach is for UV protection. Too much exposure to UV light, can cause many eye issues later on, such as pterygium and cataracts and especially at a place like the beach where the sun rules everything.

There's also glare. At the beach, both the sand and the water are prone to creating glare. The sand has properties that make it glitter and gleam, thus acting as a good reflector for intense light. Bright sunlight hitting sand can create a glare that causes eyestrain and pain. So too can glare reflecting off water make it difficult for you to look out onto the sea.

For a day at the beach, consider sunshades that not only block UV light, but that can also cut glare. Polarized lenses cut sunlight glare by utilizing a filtering process built in to the lens. They can reduce the effects of glare by cutting down on eyestrain..

Beach sports present an additionally good reason to make your sunshades a top travel-item priority. Sports like beach volleyball will require that you keep track of the ball and other players well. Too much sunlight or glare in your eyes will cause you to miss your moment! Also, consider the spray of sand that will most definitely get kicked up into the air. Sunglasses covering your eyes will prevent most of that sand from getting into your eyes. Lastly, but not least, consider the amount of times you will probably ram into your teammate scuttling for the ball, or fall to the ground, or, maybe occasionally, get hit by the ball! Sunshades serve the extra purpose of preventing impact from harming your eyes. They are convenient eye shields. Many sunglasses (like those sold at Olympic Eyewear) are made with naturally shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, taking the chards factor out of getting hit in the face with your sunglasses on.

You will want to hit the beach in style. Vacation is your time to strut – so do it – strut your stuff, that is, your sunglasses! In fact, carry several pairs with you. Mix and match on different days or with bathing suits and outfits. Olympic Eyewear's vast collection of bulk sunglasses features popular discount brands like Biohazard Sunglasses, X-Loop Sunglasses, and DG Sunglasses.

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